Three Answers to Harari’s Three Questions

Esteemed historian and writer Yuval Noah Harari, whose certain ideas I disagree with and whom I hereby invite to embrace “the Teaching of Yildizhan”, asks three very important questions which are of close interest to the future of humankind at the end of his book called Homo Deus. Our “Teaching” gives the following clear answers to these questions:

Question 1: Are organisms really just algorithms, and is life really just data processing?

Answer 1: Organisms embody algorithms in their structures which serve that very organism. However, organisms are not merely made up of algorithms.

For example, the human organism has a spirit as well. Spirit has functions such as “consciousness”, “intelligence”, “mind”, “will” and “soul”. Brain extents to each and every organ and tip of the body through nerve fibers; executes its functions by also using the algorithms. It is absolutely the boss. That said, the magnificent brain is actually only an instrument of the spirit. In other words, brain the boss, has also a boss and that real boss is the spirit. Consequently, “consciousness”, “intelligence”, “mind”, “will” and “soul” are ultimately the functions of the spirit. Combined functions of brain (hereinafter “CFOB”), on the other hand, is a multi-function emanate from their association. 

Spirit maintains the existence of the organisms by using the magnificent instrument that is the brain and has it perform its routine works. “Mind” is a function of the spirit. “Intelligence”, on the other hand, is primarily a function of the brain.  Since the brain is an instrument of the spirit, ultimately, “intelligence” is also a function of the spirit.

Throughout life, data is continuously processed both within and outside the organisms. However, life is not merely data processing.

Question 2: What’s more valuable – intelligence or consciousness?

Answer 2: Consciousness is certainly more valuable. Consciousness is the most valuable asset of a being. Because only through consciousness, a being may perceive its own existence and surroundings, the universe, and beyond-universe. For a being without consciousness, both itself and its surroundings are deemed as if non-existent.  Consciousness is a prerequisite to be able to say “I exist”. The most important thing for a human or a being is the ability to exist. And we perceive our existence only through our consciousness. Our existence attains a meaning for us. Therefore, consciousness is the most important and most valuable blessing granted to us.

“Mind” and “intelligence” are two distinctive things. “Intelligence” with its various divisions is a function of the brain and a very intelligent person, too, may be engaged in mind-less deeds. A person with superior intelligence may come up with very useful inventions just as he may commit a robbery or build a nuclear bomb if he is not mind-full enough. However, a mind-full person looks after its own interest in its engagements just as he looks after those of other beings. A mind-full person does not manufacture weapons that threaten our planet by using its intelligence, a function of the brain. He/she protects and does not harm the beings around him/her. An intelligent person may become an atheist but a mind-full person will not. A person who is guided by his/her mind will sooner or later find the God.

Question 3: What will happen to society, politics, and daily life when non-conscious but high intelligence algorithms know us better than we know ourselves?

Having human-serving robots, artificial intelligence and algorithms of high level intelligence is for the benefit of the mankind. Because their area of service and capacity to serve increases in parallel with their intelligence. Knowledge on various data concerning the well-being of a person’s blood and body and having them recorded on a system, ultimately increases the level of health service that person gets, provided humans and robots possess the “50 Virtues”. High intelligence algorithms that “possess willpower to the extent permitted by the humans” will always serve in accordance with the “Morals Endorsed by the Teaching” just as they are programmed, even if they come to know us better than we know ourselves, as long as the humankind continues its journey in light of the “Teaching”. As a result, society, politics and daily life will be shaped towards the “Ideal Society” consisting of individuals with the “50 Virtues”; the world will become heaven. In the further stages of the “Ideal Society”, the state will only exist to serve as a “Technical State” whereby there will be no need for military, police and courts. When that stage is reached, “Immortality Centers” will continue with their activities at a great paste to have humans, who desire so, live for billions, trillions years.

In the chapter called “The Power of Thought” found in our “Teaching”, we emphasized the thought as a very powerful energy, and said the following: “Everything starts in the form of a thought. Then a desire and will is put forward. Lastly, action is taken and that thought becomes a reality. This is the way the future is constructed. Thought is the fastest thing in the world of beings. You may go beyond the universe, even “Beyond Infinity” in an instant by thinking. You may solve problems by thinking. You may construct the future by thinking. Since you may construct the future by thinking, therefore, think in advance the way you would like the future to be.”

In the “Teaching”, we invite all conscious beings to have positive thoughts and to always think and fictionalize positively.

We say: “Be guided by your mind and always think positively; let your dreams and fictions always be positive. “Love, give and be virtuous” so that the universe may become heaven.

God knows the best of everything. God’s will prevails…